PER Westray making a difference in Hackney



Welcome to our first blog, we are PER Westray and we are all about making a difference in the property sales and lettings market to the benefit of our clients, be they sellers or landladies/lords.

Since we first launched our new PER Westray office and café in Hackney and Dalston we have been focused on making a difference, by standing out from the larger chain estate agents and online agents.  So, in this our first blog we thought we would set out what makes us distinct.



We are a team of highly experienced property professionals.  We have been there and seen it and helped hundreds and hundreds of clients move home or let a property over the years.   Hand-holding and gently guiding our clients (as well as buyers/tenants) through the entire process is our forte. 

So, we can offer insight and advice to guide you through what can be a highly-pressured situation, in a way that no online tool, a call centre or an agent with 15 minutes’ experience could.   For many people, a property is their most valuable asset, so being able to tap into free and friendly advice from an experienced professional makes sense.   As an analogy, you might use Google to look up medical symptoms, but you wouldn’t ever attempt the surgery yourself from what you read; rather, you’d want to use the best and most experienced surgeon!


Price is what you pay and value is what you receive!   We believe we add value to the property sale or letting.   Our experience helps guide our clients through their transaction from start to finish, helping to resolve issues and queries, holding deals together, chasing missing information.   Finding a buyer or a tenant is only the start of the process and our 90 years plus experience helps us add value at every step. 

We also believe that we have competitive fees for the service we provide.  Both the big brand high street estate agents and online agents may have bigger budgets, but their customers are paying for those TV adverts and expensive offices, through higher fees.   Online estate agents may appear to be cheap, but many have no local experience or understanding, scant knowledge of the legal processes, numerous addon’s, fees for viewings, fees to manage the transaction that actually mean their fees aren’t always as low as they seem at first glance.


First impressions are so important and we take great pride in presenting your property in the best light to achieve the best possible price.   We use professional photography and floor plans as well as create a professional brochure for all properties to ensure our details are comprehensive and give your property the edge.


Finally, but most importantly, you the client is at the heart of what we do.  This isn’t always the way in the fast-paced London property market!   We care about doing a good job for our clients, looking after their interests and then hopefully you will tell friends or come back to us when you are ready to move home again.